Noodles® is a team of visionaries, strategists, creatives, writers, producers, filmmakers and good guys. Here’s a bit about us.
Marco Prunotto
Founder, CEO, Creative Director

Born in Turin in 1973, Marco Prunotto attended the Ada Gobetti Marchesini Institute. He started out in the advertising world at Ideawork, a branding agency specialized in fashion. He was an art designer by day, and a teacher at the IAAD by night.

Originally hired as a graphic designer, he was promoted two years later to creative director, a role that led him to the United States many times. In 2000, he started his own agency, White, along with a friend who had previously been working as a strategic planner.

The true life changing event came in 2002, at the age of 29, when he decided to create his own agency. It was named after the main character of Once Upon a Time in America Noodles. 19 years later, Noodles Communication is still here, more alive than ever and none of us has gone to bed early ever since.



Paolo Lievore
Account Director, Art Senior
Valeria Marabotto
CFO, Administration
Enrico Lusso
Senior Account, Copywriter
Alessia Mario
Art Senior, Account Manager
Antonio Scaramuzza
Senior Copywriter, Account Manager
Paola Berta
Art Senior, Account Manager
Francesca Brizi
Art Senior